Your very first look at Toyota Material Handling Australia’s product list:

Bravi – LUI 460

Standing at a platform height of 4.62m, reaching and completing projects is a snap for the Bravi Lui 460 elevated work assist lift platform. With 35% gradeability, it can easily climb a ramp or over beavertails into a truck, van, or pickup. It also features a tow hook for roll-back trucks, all accomplished while using a removable platform control box.

Bravi Leonardo HD

Tailor-made to the operator’s and contractor’s needs in the building industry, the Bravi Leonardo range of elevated work assist platforms eliminates the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts, mast lifts and normal push-around units. No more ladders, no outriggers, no hassles. One person can easily do a job safely, quickly and efficiently.

Fiorentini S48 Sweeper

Fiorentini S48 LPG powered ride on sweeper with hydrostatic drive and large panel filter is designed for the larger type indoor and outdoor warehousing / logistics and manufacturing applications including car parks and hard stand areas up to 25,000m2. The S48 is strong and easy to maintain with a large capacity hydraulic operated waste hopper and is also available in diesel.

Fiorentini I42 Scrubber

Fiorentini I42 Ride On Scrubber Dryer is a scrubber dryer in standard battery electric power and also available in LPG. Designed for the larger indoor and outdoor commercial and warehousing / industrial applications, the unit is heavy duty with large solution and recovery tank capacities allowing for longer run times.

Huski SSL 30-5SDK8

Toyota Huski 5SDK8 skid steer loader has a spacious cabin opening for smooth entry and exit, along with an easy to read instrument panel and low vibration and low fatigue control levers, provide for outstanding operator comfort. Class leading visibility and outstanding manoeuvrability makes the 5SDK8 skid steer loader a valuable addition to any worksite

Huski Scissor Lift: SV06ENS

The Huski E-Series Scissor Lift is one of the most versatile on the market. Its adaptable design makes it ideal for facilities maintenance, installation, construction, and more. With a working heights of 5.72m and load capacity of up to 230kg the SV06ENS is maneuverable and agile and capable of fitting through a doorway, making it a dependable tool for mutiple task.