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Tech Show Zone

The Tech Show Zone is a key feature of the exhibition floor that will explore the latest technologies and digital solutions available to the civil construction and infrastructure industry.

Rapidly developing technologies are changing the way projects are planned and delivered, and helping to reduce construction costs, so it’s essential that the industry keeps up with what’s available. New technologies are also enhancing performance measurement, data collection, time efficiency and supporting successful mega project delivery.

The Tech Show Zone features seminars looking at drones, productivity apps, autonomous control and robotic tech, virtual reality in pre-construction, and more.

It will be divided into three essential components:

  • The worksite of the future
  • The jobs of the future
  • The infrastructure of the future

Attendees will gain exposure to a range of new and emerging technologies and leave with a deeper understanding of infrastructure-enhancing materials; safety and productivity breakthroughs; inventive wearables; and the ‘smart’ worksites of the future.

THURSDAY 15 November

Waffaa Ghali – Komatsu

SMARTCONSTRUCTION covers critical steps in a project’s development, from initial site survey and design, through to machine control management, machine interconnectivity and review of project progress during the construction phase, and finally development of detailed as-built information for future construction and infrastructure maintenance.

SMARTCONSTRUCTION builds on our industry-leading expertise in machine management through our INSITE fleet management centre, KOMTRAX remote monitoring service, along with our highly innovative iMC – intelligent Machine Control – offerings, which are currently available in dozers and excavators.

Komatsu NCEC 2018

Greg MacMahon – Advanced Utility Solutions 

Locating buried utilities has fundamentally stayed the same ever since it was discovered that conductors carrying a current radiate an electromagnetic field that can be detected by a few copper windings positioned in the magnetic field.
Of course, things have refined since those early days but fundamentally the techniques are the same, in that the signal strength from a radiating source is detected and shown on a display in two dimensions.

Vivax-Metrotech have taken a new look at this and approached the problem by acknowledging that the space around us is three dimensional and the signals are also three dimensional.
Six antennas are now used to analyse the signal allowing new and exciting views of the locate environment. See and hear the 5 options that are now offered.

Vivax Metrotech NCEC 2018

Stuart McCurdy – PCTE

There have been significant improvements to GPR equipment over the past year. Recently introduced GPR models have become much more intuitive and easier to use. Improvements to GPR technology have led to higher resolution scanning and greater penetration depths. For concrete scanning this has improved the ability of users to successfully map congested areas with multiple layers of steel reinforcement and post tensioning. The cost for GPR equipment continues to become more competitive as the technology continues to develop. The combination of increased capability, ease of use and affordability of GPR equipment is quickly leading to widespread use for both concrete scanning and utility location.


Edoardo Sommacal – Matec pacific PTY LTD

The presentation outline the benefits in using a high-pressure filtration filter press equipment for silt management, after examining the typical alternative technologies currently being used. We will explain the application of such technology offering the opportunities to mitigate the environmental impacts of tailing disposal, lower the risk of catastrophic TSF failures, reduce water use, increment metal recovery and produce stable landforms at mine closure.

An insight will be given also on some applications within aggressive environment such as Acid Coal with an overview of a few case studies of projects delivered in South Africa, to demonstrate the success of this technology and possible use.

Matec Pacific NCEC 2018

Kieran McHatton – Firestorm

The presentation will cover the relevant Australian Standards for Fire Suppression on Mobile Plant and provide the audience with information on different types Fire systems and their attributes. The outcome of the presentation is for the audience to confidently start fire risk assesments.

Firestorm NCEC 2018

Andrew Wheeler – Conplant

Compaction technology leads the way in innovation, safety and productivity and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. Innovation is part of who we are. In fact, it’s our ability to continuously transform and evolve our product range that makes us unique in the Australian compaction industry. We’re proud of our track record for introducing new technologies to the Australian market, including in-house developments that respond directly to our customers’ toughest challenges. Don’t get left behind. Ask us to find a solution for your next compaction challenge that maximises safety, quality and productivity.

Conplant NCEC 2018

Trent McCreanor – Assignar

Remove all paperwork from the field with operations software. Assignar’s fieldworker app tracks near misses, job hazards and injuries in real-time whilst keeping worker’s competencies and licenses in a central and easily accessible place. Improve your efficiency with 1 click scheduling to replace excel sheets and post-it notes on whiteboards. And speed up your payroll process with digital dockets and timesheets. The future is here, don’t be left behind!

Assignar NCEC 2018

Chris Barrett – Caterpillar

The launch of the Next Gen Cat excavators is a demonstration of Smart Iron with integrated grade & payload technology which can increase operating efficiency by up to 45 percent over traditional grading operations while reducing fuel consumption up to 25% and reduced maintenance costs by 15% to deliver maximum productivity at the lowest cost, it’s a game changer. This session will cover what can be done today to get the most out of any fleet on any jobsite using technology to drive accurate decision making and turn the art of civil works into a science with the correct use technology and a look into the future of what’s next.

Caterpillar NCEC 2018

Alexandra Begg – Resonate Systems

All construction sites have a range of activities including blasting, excavating, demolition, piling etc that produce ground vibrations that may impact the surrounding structures and populations. The ability to easily monitor and record the level of ground vibrations at sensitive locations with the AvaTrace M80 ensures damage to nearby structures and thus costly repair works is prevented, efforts to improve community relations are bolstered and should claims of structural damage arise, evidence of compliance maybe supplied. The ability to remotely monitor ground vibrations has never been more cost effective or user friendly with modern systems requiring very little manual effort whilst providing a high level of information, control and peace of mind to infrastructure projects throughout Australia and the world.

Resonate Systems NCEC 2018

Joel Evans – Oxford Plastics / Civil Safety Products

The Road Plate is an alternative to steel and wooden plates. It is a modular system of singular linking units, suitable over trenches up to 1200mm in span.
The Road Plates are installed manually by two people without the need for heavy lifting equipment. EasiLift handle bars slot in to each section and allow them to be moved quickly. The Road Plate has the following features and benefits:
• Suitable for 44 tonne vehicles over a 900mm trench
• Suitable for lighter vehicles over a 1200mm trench
• Quieter, long-lasting, lighter alternative to steel plates
• Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
• Drop pins reduce lateral movement
• Replacement parts are available
• Designed and manufactured in the UK

The anti-slip surface provides secure access, and hi-vis yellow alerts drivers to reduce their speed. The Road Plate is currently used in highways, street works and utilities sites and is approved by Road Authorities across Australia.

Oxford Innovation for Safety NCEC 2018

Adele Bernard – Plan grid

Paperless Construction Sites
• “Advanced Field technology, more collaboration without the paper work”
• Managing complex compliance regulations at the touch of a button
Material compliance:
• Ensuring the correct compliant materials are used on projects
• Documenting inspection records
Scenario and Deeper Insights
• Case Studies where PlanGrid has made outstanding returns on investments and huge savings on Project costs, increased profit margins,
• Access onsite – latest drawings via mobile app– in the ute, onsite inspections, adhoc meetings etc..
• Barriers – Communications is still an issue on certain sites, clever companies are investing in technology to solve
• Offline capabilities in environments such as deep basements, power stations

Plangrid NCEC 2018

Propella – Katerina

How quickly do you know when something has gone wrong on your construction site? Too often, relying on outdated surveys and third-party data gathering means being reactive instead of proactive. But Propeller is changing that. Drone surveying is becoming more common on civil construction sites all over the world. With Propeller’s data visualization platform, taking the pulse of your civil construction site is easy and getting accurate measurements takes a few seconds. When you can easily understand site progress and productivity with up-to-date 3D surveys and spot mistakes before they require expensive rework, what is the cost of not knowing?